Chelsea’s highly-rated Ivory Coast star Didier Drogba was crowned the 2009 CAF African Footballer of the year, an award that should really come to no surprise to anyone. Inter’s Eto and Manchester City’s Adebayor were also in the running, but few strikers on the planet have been as on-form this season as Drogba. From his [...]

Tragedy has struck England’s squad, as news of David Beckham’s injury has revealed that he has torn his Achilles tendon in the final moments of Milan’s 1-0 win over Chievo. This is one of the worst injuries a footballer can sustain, as it sidelines you from the game for months at a time, and increases [...]

Although the Bundesliga is often cited as an example of safe stadiums and proper conduct, that doesn’t stop things like this happening from time to time. Basically, their 2-1 loss to Nuremberg was the tipping point for some Hertha Berlin fans, who armed themselves with steel bars and invaded the pitch at the final whistle. [...]

As Italy manager Marcello Lippi gets ready to decide his squad for the 2010 World Cup, a big question is whether he will pick controversial Inter Milan player Mario Balotelli. To be fair, perhaps it is not very correct to call the young striker “controversial”, as all that he has done is try to play [...]

Takeover bids and stories seem to be getting more and more attention these days, unfortunately sometimes even more than the football itself, but the group planning to take over Manchester United sure have an interesting gimmick. They call themselves “The Red Knights”, and are a group of wealthy individuals that seem set to test the [...]

Who’s up for a truly sweet goal? This edition comes from the Cyprus league, where Apollon Limassol player Gaston Sangoy scored directly from the corner-kick in his team’s 4-0 victory over APEP Kyperounda. The goal was his 11th of the season, and beefs up his resume quite nicely. This is not exactly the first time [...]

It continues. The major footballing authorities refuse to allow any sort of technology into the game, and their resolve seems unshakable. The International Football Association Board, which makes and votes on the laws of professional football, decided in a six-to-two vote recently that there would be no use of goal-line technology or video replays in [...]

Rumors about a possible Balkan League have been circling around in various forms for a number of years now, and reports claim a meeting was held in Slovenia earlier in February to discuss how this idea might become a reality. Current plans include the league to feature 18 of the best teams in the Balkan [...]

The accountant firm Deloitte Touche released a short time ago their report on the most profitable clubs in Europe, and once again Real Madrid retained its place at the top. The reports are based on how much money the clubs generate, as opposed to how rich they are due to their owners, which for now [...]

That one is for the horror-books. Arsenal have been no strangers to terrible injuries over the last few years, most notably Eduardo’s leg-break last term, but the challenge by Stoke defender Ryan Showcross on teenager Aaron Ramsey ranks up there with the very worst of them. The incident happened at Arsenal’s away game to Stoke, [...]

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