How time changes things, doesn’t it? Years ago Craig Bellamy couldn’t stop getting into trouble due to his lack of discipline on and off the field, but as he nears 31 years of age, the Welsh striker says he has turned a new page. Not only that, but apparently he is also “ashamed” by many things that go on in football today.

Speaking to News of the World, he had this to say:

“Sometimes when I see certain things I’m ashamed to be a footballer. I don’t go to nightclubs, I don’t go to lounge bars, I don’t spend my days shopping. That doesn’t interest me.”

He also criticized some fellow professionals, stating that:

“I don’t know how to be on the pitch as a tourist. Some lads do that but I can’t. When I play, I play for real. I never pretend.”

He certainly shows great passion every time he steps on the field, but these are strange comments from a player that has changed so many different clubs in the past few years. His most troubled time was back when he was a Newcastle player, though he was also a big fan favorite there. He left for Celtic when things didn’t turn out that well, but seemed to rebuild his career at Blackburn Rovers. He left for the opportunity to play for Liverpool, but that chapter of his career quickly ended as he left once again for newly-bought Manchester City. And even now, he is saying he doesn’t see himself staying much longer at the club.

So it’s fine for Bellamy to want more commitment from his teammates, but maybe he needs to try settling at one club before giving us his judgment on the game.


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