When we talk about intense football rivalries, a number of examples immediately spring to mind, Ajax and Feyenoord being one of the most prominent ones. The Dutch rivals have been at each other’s throats both on and off the field for decades, and modern football doesn’t seem to have cooled down passions even a bit.

The two teams were scheduled to play each other in the Dutch Cup Final on April 25th, but fears over clashes amongst fans have caused organizers to make the match into a two-legged tie instead. Visiting fans will not even be allowed in these matches, to restrict potential hooliganism as much as possible.

The first game will take place in Amsterdam, with Rotterdam getting the final one on May 6th. The move has disappointment a large section of the fans, who prefer the cup to be decided in a single game, but this decision was agreed upon by both presidents of the clubs. This is not exactly something new, however, as visiting rival fans have been banned from both cities since 2008.

Two-legged finals are rare in Europe these days, but maybe safety first is the best option. Clashes between the fans have resulted in many injured people and even deaths in the past, so it makes sense why such precautions would be taken. It makes sure that tickets allocated to neutral supporters are not snapped up by fans of either club, which has been the cause of a lot of trouble in the past.


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