The volcanic ash spewing out of a volcano in Island has postponed and canceled flights all across Europe for the last few days, and if it goes on like this, concerns are it might affect football fixtures around the continent as well.

The good news is that both the Champions League and Europa Cup have reached the semi-final stages, so there are far fewer matches to be played. One imagines how much chaos would have been caused had we still been in the group stages. As it is yet unclear how long Europe’s air space will be closed, however, fears are the remaining matches might have to be postponed.

The most immediate threat concerns Thursday’s Europa Cup semi-final match between Hamburg and Fulham, with the English side having to fly to Germany to get there in time. If that is not an option they will have to travel by bus or train, but it might be too late to be making such plans. Fulham’s manager Roy Hodgson has admitted his own concerns about the tie, but for now UEFA are claiming the tie will go ahead as planned.

It would be especially bad if such postponements happen this season, because the World Cup is right around the corner, and national teams will want the players who are competing in the semi-finals and finals rested up. The schedule was made years in advance to ensure players weren’t as exhausted as in previous tournaments, and fingers crossed this volcano doesn’t throw all those plans away.


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