The sentence is in for Fiorentina striker Adrian Mutu, and he has been suspended for nine months after testing positive to the banned substance sibutramine. The Romanian striker has reacted with disappointment to the news, but in truth it could have been much worse. This is the second time in his career that he has been banned for using an illegal substance, and he could easily have been given a sentence for more than a year.

Mutu’s defense is that he had no idea that drug was in his system, and he claimed it was the result of slimming tablets his mother had given him. It’s hard to say how innocent or guilty he really is, but as this is his second offense, he can expect less sympathy from people. On one hand, it is quite absurd that you can get suspended for so long because of a random pill that doesn’t have any real affect, but then again, these players are paid very big sums to make sure they have the people around them to tell them what’s acceptable and what’s not.

Mutu can also count himself lucky that Fiorentina are sticking by him and he will have a future at the club when he returns next season, considering Chelsea sacked him and are still suing him for getting himself suspended for seven months the first time around. In any case, this surely must be the last such incident for the striker if he wishes to continue being employed as a footballer.


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