It doesn’t seem like Barcelona will be making any official statements about the little “accident” that happened at the end of the 2nd leg between the Spanish side and Inter Milan in the Champions League semi-final, which shouldn’t be too surprising. The incident speaks for itself really.

After the final whistle, which saw Inter lose 1-0 but qualify 3-2 on aggregate, Jose Mourinho charged the pitch in celebration, only to find himself soaked in water soon after. In fact, the sprinklers conveniently went off right at the visitor’s section where Inter were celebrating, and it’s obvious to anyone that this was no accident. It was perhaps a little bit of spite by a nameless Barca worker who couldn’t stand “the Special One” parading around in victory, but the prank was hardly enough to stop the visitor’s celebrations. Victor Valdez also got into a scuffle with the Portuguese manager, and had to be held back by officials.

It ends, at least for this season, a very touchy rivalry between Barca and Inter, who played each other no less than four times in Europe’s top competition. The boiling point came before the return game at the Nou Camp, with Barca’s president calling Mourinho a “second-rate psychologist”, after the latter had said Barca had an unhealthy obsession with reaching the final.

The Special One might have the last laugh this season, but he must know Barca will come back next year with more than just sprinklers.


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