You’ve got to hand it to Adidas – they know how to make some seriously cool soccer commercials. Their latest one, which promotes the F50 adiZero boots, features Lionel Messi and David Villa in a blistering race around a football field. It is intercut with French legend Zinadine Zidane driving around town at top speed at night, creating a truly electrifying ad.

It’s no coincidence that Messi and Villa were chosen to show off the new boots, as both rely heavily not only on their skill, but also their speed. The F50 adiZeros are revolutionary in a number of different ways, though most interesting is how extremely lightweight they are. Believe or not, they weigh only 165 grams. Messi, who will be wearing the boots at the World Cup, has praised them by saying he can “barely feel them” on his feet.

The SprintSkin upper allegedly feels just like a second skin and fits perfectly over the foot, while the Ultra Light insole reduces weight as much as possible. The three-dimensional bridges of the Spring Frame outsole improves stability and holds up the frame, while the triangular stud provides for faster acceleration. This also supports the side movements, making the boot well-shaped all-around. Strength is increased by the Thermo Polyurethane (TPU) bands in the internal layer, which are also used in soccer jerseys.

There is no denying this is an impressive accessory, but how big of a difference will it make at the World Cup? Well, we’ll find out in a few weeks.


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