After leading Inter to a commanding 2-0 victory over Bayern Munich in the Champions League final, Jose Mourinho looks set to leave the Italian club and head over to Real Madrid.

He is the self-proclaimed “Special One”, and his dream is to become the first man to lead three different clubs to the top glory in Europe. It is clear he is driven by an unrelenting ambition, and whether you like his antics or not, one can’t deny he’s one heck of a daring individual. Real Madrid may be one of the wealthiest clubs in the world, but managers barely hold out half a year in the hotseat before the club’s massive expectations grow too big for them. So can Mourinho conquer another feat and lead them to the Champions League title? You think if anyone can do it, it must be him.

The Special One is already a legend in football, though it’s interesting to compare him to other great managers. Sir Alex Ferguson, for example, has stayed at Manchester United for almost 30 years now. As mentioned in the Del Neri story, there are simply different types of players and managers out there. There are those like Mourinho who aim for personal glory, while it is certain that Sir Alex will never be forgotten by the United faithful, even long after he is gone. One will live in the record books, while the other in the hearts of generations.


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