Cameroon star-player Samuel Eto’o is threatening to throw his toys out of the pram and not go to the World Cup. The reason for this? Apparently, his feelings have been hurt by accusations he doesn’t play as good for his country as for Inter.

But if this is his way of taking a stance, well, it’s nothing but a sorry excuse. There are many big stars who have had to go through the same kind of criticism, and usually for a good reason. After getting their astronomical paychecks year round at the top European clubs, fans want to see these players put in the same commitment to the national side. Even if in some cases the fans overreact, threatening to quit your team because of it hardly makes you the bigger person.

I do think Eto’o will still decide to go, but he can take a leaf out of Leo Messi’s book and learn how to respond better. His former Barcelona teammate has also been told he doesn’t play nearly as good for Argentina as he does for his club, but instead of threatening to boycott the tournament, he has admitted his own disappointments, and most importantly his desire to set the record straight at the World Cup.

Perhaps Eto’o reacted so strongly because the negative comments came from legendary Cameroon striker Roger Milla, who led the country to the quarter finals of the 1990 World Cup, their best ever finish. One thinks, though, that should spur him on to prove Milla and his critics wrong, rather than quit.


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