England’s 4-1 loss to Germany has sparked up the old goal-line technology debate, but in truth, it’s hardly a “debate” anymore. Frank Lampard’s shot for England in the first half rebounded off the bar and clearly crossed the line, but the goal wasn’t given, and England were denied an important equalizer, which could have changed the game.

Virtually every fan, player and manager agrees that referees should at least be allowed to see video replays before making such important calls, but Sepp Blatter and FIFA say “no” time and time again. Their reasoning is that “human error” is a part of the game, and they don’t want to take that away. But modern football has next to nothing to do with the traditional game, starting with the way clubs are run, to the marketization of the sport. I hardly see why bad refereeing calls are the one tradition they want to preserve. If anything, it should be the one thing they should be trying to get rid of. It is part of the game, but it is a glaring flaw of the game. One that can be easily solved, and no one will miss it at the slightest.

I don’t think we’ll see changes anytime soon though. No matter how many people demand it, FIFA won’t listen. Until Blatter decides to retire, technology will continue to be shunned in football. It’s a frustrating situation, considering how easily it can be addressed.


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