Football drama really does not get much higher than the conclusion to the Ghana – Uruguay quarter-final clash. With the score tied 1-1, in the very last seconds of extra time, Ghana have a header that looks certain to go in and win them the tie – until Uruguay striker Suarez sticks out his hand and stops the ball on the line. He got sent off, Ghana got the penalty. But somehow they missed it, and immediately went on to lose at the penalty shoot out.

There are those that say what Suarez did was ethically wrong, and that he “cheated” to keep Uruguay in the game. But I whole-heartedly disagree. Suarez did not cheat the referee, he did nothing that went unpunished. Usually, stopping a goal but getting a red card and conceding a penalty isn’t that good of an exchange. But in the last seconds of your side’s world cup hopes, there is nothing else you can do. You have to sacrifice yourself even for the smallest hope to rage on, and that’s just what he did. It was a self-sacrificial act in the most dramatic of circumstances, and it worked. Ghana had the world cup semi-finals at their feet, or more specifically at the feet of their main striker Gyan, but he missed it.

It’s as cruel as you can get for Ghana, but that’s football. Meanwhile, Suarez should be greeted as a hero back home in Uruguay, regardless if they beat Holland or not.


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