The Germans have surprised everyone with their results at the world cup, and their animals seem to trying to match that achievement too. One aquatic sea-creature that has been getting more and more attention is Paul the octopus, who lives in the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany.

No, its skills do not lie in kicking (or squeezing) a soccer ball, but with the amazingly accurate predictions it has made, accurately guessing every one of Germany’s results at the tournament. This includes 4 wins and only one defeat at the hands of Serbia.

The octopus makes it predictions by selecting a mollusk, or snack, from one of the two boxes in its tank – one box that carries the picture of the German flag, and one of their opponents. The workers at the aquarium prepare the flags before each game, and Paul makes his pick.

Is there really anything prophetic going on with this octopus? Probably not, even though 5 straight correct predictions is more than what 90% of the analysts have managed so far at this surprise-filled competition. It should be noted, though, that this is not the first time Paul has been asked to make such predictions. The workers claim he has also guessed matches from the Bundesliga correctly, with a more than 80% success rate.

For Wednesday’s huge semi-final against Spain, the octopus predicted Germany will lose, which is one time I‘m sure their fans will be hoping he’s wrong.


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