People keep saying soccer in America is just about to blow up, it will rise in popularity, the time is coming etc. etc. – but if one is to look at the facts, it is still a long way off from displacing or even equaling other top American sports, such as baseball, American football, or basketball.

However, the MLS continues to grow, and it is inevitable that new fans will be attracted by that development. David Beckham was a huge hit when he signed for the LA Galaxy a couple of years ago, and now it looks like the top French goal-scorer of all time, Thierry Henry, is heading to the East Coast to represent the New York Red Bulls. Even though he had mostly been confined to the bench last season for Barcelona, he is still a superstar player that most top clubs in Europe would love to have. The fact that he has chosen New York speaks volumes.

Now, is this any different than a player going to a Middle Eastern club for a nice last paycheck? It is, I would argue. As seen by the US’s performance at the World Cup, they are definitely going up, and are riding a wave of momentum that shouldn’t stop any time soon. Not to mention that the more top players go to the States, the easier it will be for others to follow. These are exciting times for MLS fans for sure.


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