The hottest time for transfers is always the window after the world cup, when clubs do their best to attract the stars that shined at the biggest competition on Earth. The problem with this World Cup is that it was more of a team-effort story for many teams, and there weren’t that many individual performances. The Golden ball winner, for example, is 32 years old, and I don’t think Forlan would want to leave Atletico Madrid anyway.

Nonetheless, many German players have understandably caught the eye of prospective buyers. Werder Bremen’s Ozil is the most wanted man, with top clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid and Barcelona reported to be interested in him. The golden-boot winner, Muller, along with the other strikers like Klose and Podowski, are also fancied by many teams. Which to be is honest is a bit funny, since these players rarely perform that good at club level. They have technical ability, there’s no denying that, but I don’t think any of them have the potential to be world superstars. They get motivated and organized for the national team, but don’t offer that much at club level. It’s a fact that has been true for some time now, and I would be surprised if it changes soon.

I for one am interested to see if anyone will take a chance at North Korea’s players. They certainly showed they were no pushovers, at least in the Brazil game. Currently only one of them plays outside his home country, but I’d like to see a few of them in the Champions League (for smaller clubs) this coming season.


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