As the investigation to find out what really caused France’s grave problems at the World Cup continues, the most capped player in their history, Lilian Thuram, has come out claiming that the revolt underlines the racism still existing in society.

He resigned as board member of the football federation after the scandal, but has continued to be a harsh critic of the squad, and has asked for those responsible to be heavily sanctioned. He fears that to let them go unpunished would put a stain on the country that will be hard to wash out. Thuram has said that many people blamed the fact that there are too many black players in the French squad, and that they do not fully represent French society.

That is a rather silly accusation in my books, as it is nothing new, and shouldn’t be a contributing factor anyway. Yes, France have for some time been one of the most colored teams in Europe, but that has not stopped them from achieving unity in the past, and even winning the World Cup in 1998. It would be absurd that after such glory petty differences like this would still resurface and cause such problems, but you never know. At the end, I think the only thing that can help the French move on is if they get to the bottom of the problem and try to eliminate it – be it racism, player egos, or whatever.


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