Spanish La Liga side Real Mallorca were kicked out of the Europa League due to “financial reasons”, and their place was given to Villarreal, who finished 7th last season. The decision was made due to the fact that they have debts close to 70 million Euros, and that is not allowed under UEFA’s rules. Mallorca replied that they have further investment coming in that will help reduce these debts, but Platini’s men were not to be denied.

70 million is indeed a lot of money, but still, this decision is a little bit ridiculous. Club finances throughout Europe are a mess, and punishing singular clubs like this won’t achieve anything. Other clubs spend hundreds of millions a season just on new players, with investment coming in from banks or owners who borrow and gamble heavily, yet they are allowed to go on without a problem. But it’s not that big of a surprise, as a club like Real Mallorca does not hold the same commercial value to UEFA as others.

Of course, the people who this will hurt the most will be the club’s fans, who have waited a long time to get into a European competition. It hardly seems fair that they should be paying the price for UEFA’s shady rules or their club’s faulty administration. But on the other hand – Villerreal must be unable to believe their luck right now. Who’s betting on them to go on and win it now?


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