The World Cup may be over, but the summer international tournaments continue – and so do the world class displays. In the UEFA Under-19 Championship quarterfinal match between Spain and Italy, the new world champions showed they are extending their dominance to all age levels by beating the Italians 3-0 and progressing through to the semi-finals.

What really stood out about this match was a very special penalty kick by Ezequeil Calvente to put Spain 3-0 up. The video shows the penalty in question, and at first there doesn’t seem to be anything that remarkable about it – the goalkeeper just goes the wrong way, and Calvente puts it in the right corner. The replay, however, shows just exactly he managed to trick the goalkeeper – by stepping over to his left foot in the last moment and completely fooling his opponent about where he’s going to put it. This is a trick one tries sometimes in training, but it rarely pays off. It is very hard to keep your balance and produce a powerful shot with this trick, but Calvente does it perfectly. In fact, it’s a better penalty that anything we saw at the World Cup this summer. One wonders if Ghana’s Gyan is still having nightmares about his infamous miss…

Looks like Spain already have their sights set on defending their title in four years time. With upcoming talent and confidence like this, it will take something amazing to stop them.


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