As mentioned earlier, the football season in Europe is well and truly underway, and so are the extremities by some fans. The scenes in the video you see are after the match AEK (Greece) – Kallithea, which ended in a 2-1 loss for the home side. It was only a pre-season friendly, but the fans, angry at the lack of success in recent seasons, stormed the pitch and headed straight for coach Dusan Bajevic.

The Serbian coach, who was in his third spell in charge of the club, was knocked down to the ground, and what followed was a clash between the police and the AEK fans. You can see chairs and other objects being thrown at the shields of the police, who at the end managed to push back the rioters.

It was a crazy situation, as AEK’s president Stavros Adamidis admitted. He called the situation a “disgrace” for the club and said that he would try to convince Bajevic to stay, but I really would be surprised if he does. Sometimes a job simply is not worth it, and being physically attacked after a friendly loss is one indicator that it is not.

The situation reminds of Serbia’s riot after they lost a pre-world cup friendly game, where Vidic had to use a microphone to calm down the fans. It seems like these type of things happen not at the bigger games, but in situations where there aren’t that many security police at the stadium.


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