One of the biggest transfers of this summer was Mario Balotelli’s £24m move from Inter to Manchester City, which made City by far the biggest spenders in Europe this season (with the transfer of James Milner set to be completed too). The controversial Italian striker had a hard time with some sections of Inter’s fans due to his comments, and he probably won’t be winning many favors with the City fans by admitting that “he loved it at Inter and would have preferred to stay”.

You know, it’s like players don’t even try to hide it any more. On one hand, he’s only being honest, but on the other – there was a time when you at least had to pretend you had a genuine interest in the club you were signing for. And try to develop a bond with the fans. But all your Robinhos and Adebayors and Balotellis that go in and out of City’s doors, their objective becomes very transparent. Play a season or two at the club, earn a lot of money, probably be dropped to the bench, or transferred out when the manager that bought you gets sacked.

Having said that, City will be challenging for top honors again this season, and it will be interesting to see how Balotelli can help them out. He will have to fight for his place amongst a star-studded squad, but he’ll certainly get his chances. Let’s see if he’ll finally get called up for Italy’s team too (shouldn’t be too hard now).


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