Uli Hoeness, the president of Bayern Munich, seems to have totally lost it when it comes to dealing with his two star players, Robben and Ribery. Whether it be injuries or disciplinary hearings, both have been absent from Bayern’s squad, which has seriously damaged their pre-season preparations. And Hoeness will have none of that.

He has said that the Dutch doctor who failed to spot Robben’s injury at the World Cup “needs glasses”, and that the winger shouldn’t have been allowed to play even one second at the competition. Furthermore, he has said that Bayern will demand compensation for the injury, which has ruled him out for more than 8 weeks.

Franck Ribery, on the other hand, has been summoned by the French Football Federation for a disciplinary hearing following France’s humiliating scandal at the World Cup, but Hoeness has said he won’t allow his star to go. He has said the FFF “have no decency” and that “they come here” if they want to speak to him.

It’s easy to understand his anger and frustration, as these are his two best players. But I don’t think there’s any conspiracy by the Dutch and French to pile these problems on the German club. Robben was playing at the World Cup after all, and risking the injury was probably worth leading his side into the final. Ribery on the other hand is only one of the many French players that have been called by the FFF. It really is tough luck for Bayern, but that’s how it goes sometimes.


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