FIFA president Sepp Blatter is at it again. After a number of the group matches at the 2010 World Cup proved rather dull affairs with both teams looking for the draws, he has hinted that upcoming changes might remove such a possibility. Draws might be scrapped all together, and instead teams that are level at full-time will go straight to penalty shoot outs.

It sounds almost a bit too crazy to be true, but I have to say, it’s not the worst idea in the world. Anything that could help provide an extra spark will be welcome. And yet, this could easily backfire. Weaker sides who would play for a draw anyway will still look to close-up shop and hold on until penalties, where they’ll even have a chance to win the match. It’s going to put even more pressure on the stronger sides to win their games in regular time, and we saw that many top players simply weren’t up for the task in such circumstances.

Another proposed change may see the return of the golden goal at the 2014 World Cup, which I think would be a great idea. It makes extra time so much more exciting, and would encourage teams to try and settle things before that.

In any case, it seems likely that there will be big innovations for the competition in Brazil, weather it be changes in the rules, or (finally) the introduction of technology.


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