You’ll forgive me for keeping on writing about Manchester City players, but when they’ve bought half the planet, it shouldn’t be such a surprising thing. This piece of news concerns their new 12.5 million signing Jerome Boetang, who got injured on the plane on his way to City, and now faces a month out of action.

The exact accident? He hit his already injured leg against an airplane drinks trolley, further aggravating the torn tendon in his left knee. This means the earliest he can start training again is at the end of September, so City fans probably won’t see him in action until early October. It’s not like they don’t have a replacement (or two, or three) available, but you do wonder if they will ever reach a point where all their superstar players will be fit and ready for action. Getting injured because of a trolley certainly doesn’t help things much.

Boetang first felt the injury while he was away on international duty for Germany. Some people get confused between him and his brother, Prince Boetang, who actually plays for Ghana. The latter brother meanwhile secured a high-profile transfer from Championship side Porstmouth to AC Milan. The two brothers find themselves in interesting positions now – Jerome will try to help an emerging world power in City reach those heights, while Prince will lend his skills to a former top club to try and regain its place.


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