The headlines around the UK are full of articles blasting the classless way in which Javier Mascherano forced his move from Liverpool to Barcelona, and it is hard to argue with them. It has been known for a while now that he wanted to leave Anfield, but refusing to play for his club in order to make his desires known is a childish way of making your point. As a result, Liverpool had to play without him in their last game vs. Man City, and he has now made his £85,000 a week move to the Spanish champions.

It’s understandable that he would want to go to Bercelona. They play probably the best football on the planet, his compatriot Messi is their star player, and it is better for his family back in a Spanish-speaking country. But treating his former club the way he did is hard to defend. As a professional, you are paid big money to play 90 minutes every week, and have a contract which you are expected to honor. Too many players stomp their feet in the ground and force their clubs to sell them without wanting to, but most at least try to do it behind the scenes, and don’t sit out a game just for that. It is some shocking attitude by Argentina’s captain, something you would expect from a brash teenager being wowed by a big-money club, but not such a player.

Liverpool may bring in someone to replace him, at least position-wise, but they will miss him quality-wise. He has been the rock in their midfield for a number of seasons now, but they’ll just have to face life without him.


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