There are loyal people in football, and then there is Pavel Nedved. The former Czech Republic player became a legend at Juventus after he spent eight years at the club, stuck with them when they got demoted to Serie B, and helped them get back into the top flight. He retired a year and a half ago, but now he is back. Not as a player this time, but as a director.

The left winger, who in my view was once the best in his position in the world, wanted to take a break from football after he retired to focus on his family, but that exile lasted only up until now. Nedved has cited Juventus’ poor season last time around as one of the main factors that compelled him to come back to football sooner, and he will once again try to help the Italian giants reclaim their place at the top.

Originally, it was thought that he would have a role to play in the youth side, but it looks like he will be given bigger responsibilities and appointed as team manager and direct advisor to head coach Agnelli. It’s possible that this is the first step towards taking over Juventus one day, and I’m sure many fans would love him to lead the team once he has enough experience.

One thing for sure is that Juventus will need all the help they can get this season if they want to get back into the Champions League spots and challenge for the title again, as a gap seems to be developing between them and the other top teams in Italy.


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