Looks like Serie A has more controversy heading its way, as the player’s union has decided to strike on the September 25-26 weekend of matches, meaning that the players won’t show up to play for their clubs. The reason for this? They are incensed that the clubs that pay them their salaries and make them the stars that they are might be given a right to decide what to do with their employees.

The official ruling that they are protesting reads: “The clubs’ proposal stipulates that when a player has a year remaining on his contract, he must accept a transfer to another, equally competitive club that guarantees the same financial treatment. If the player doesn’t accept the transfer, he must come to a mutual contract resolution with the club, according to the proposal.”

That’s right – all this is about making a player switch clubs when his contract is running out and in which he will get paid the same (absurdly high) salary. Apparently, the players feel this is a violation of their “rights”, and that they shouldn’t be treated like “objects” just because they get highly paid.

In theory that complaint may hold some water, but the average working man will wonder how in the world does that ruling mean they are “being treated as objects”? The players, and I’m talking about many professionals in general, not just in Serie A, feel like they are what makes a club run and that every club must be eternally grateful that they are blessed with their services. While in my opinion, it should be the other way around. These players would not have a penny to their name if it wasn’t for the clubs and the fans that pay their wages.

This is just another example of how out-of-touch footballers have become with the rest of the world these days.


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