English manager Steve McClaren’s big move to German club Wolsburg has already proven much tougher than he initially expected, as his side suffered a third straight defeat since the start of the Bundesliga, their worst opening performance in their history. And this is after they appointed McClaren, who lead Dutch side FC Twente to their greatest ever season by winning them the title, and spending almost 40 million during the summer.

I think these two extremes that McClaren has had to face just shows how you need to be happy with what you’ve got. To go from the very top in one league to the very bottom in a slightly better one really isn’t worth it in my opinion. Of course, only three games have been played so far, and I’m sure he’ll start producing better results. But it still stands as a warning to be careful what you wish for.

It is especially important for McClaren, who after his England failure stunned pretty much all of Europe with his results at FC Twente. He was on his way to becoming a legend there and rebuilding his career, but as soon as he saw Wolsburg’s offer, he left. And unless he massively improves results at his new club, pretty much everything he achieved previously will have a stain to it, and people will once again question if he really is a good manager at all. The man does seem to make an extreme out of most jobs he has though – for example, he led English club Middlesbrough to their first ever League Cup title, and reached the UEFA Cup final, but then was also largely responsible for their relegation the following season.


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