Recent stories are linking Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho to the vacant Portugal job, if only on a part-time basis, before a new permanent couch is selected. The “Special One” has more than once said that eventually he would like to help his country out on an international level, and now seems like a good time. The question, however, is whether Real would allow him to take charge of both teams at once, and the answer is more likely no than yes.

It’s understandable, as you want your manager to be 100% committed to your club and not think about anything else – especially a club as big as Real, who really want and need to start winning things again this season. But in my opinion, it shouldn’t be such a problem. Not to diminish the role of a national coach, but really, what else is there to do than pick the right team and motivate your already top-class players? International games occur once every few months, and I think someone as experienced as Mourinho can certainly handle both jobs. Heck, Mark Hughes did it for Wales and Blackburn, and those were his very first coaching positions.

Even if it doesn’t work out now, I’m sure Jose will get his wish and manage the Portuguese one day – hopefully while players like Ronaldo are still in top form. It’ll be interesting to see what (currently) Europe’s most successful manager can do at the World Cup.


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