The German league has been the leading voice of reason for how things should be done for some time now, for example allowing standing sections at grounds and not forcing fans to always be sitting, such as in most other grounds around Europe. This time, Borussia Dortmund fans are leading a charge against high ticket prices, by boycotting their side’s away game vs. Schalke.

We’re not talking about a certain number of fans who just won’t show up, we’re talking about mass-scale organization that has already seen 1,500 fans return their tickets, with very few likely to travel. And all this is because the prices for away fans have risen to more than 20 euros – in some Premiership games, to compare, away fans have to pay no less than 50 euros.

What will this achieve? Well, those expecting to make money by forcing away fans to pay more won’t get their way, that’s for sure. In such cases, the general thinking is that even if the prices discourage some fans, those that will pay the higher tickets will more than make up for them. Which doesn’t quite work when you have an empty stand.

Really not much else to say than all power to Dortmund, and if more clubs around Europe follow their example, officials will have no choice but to offer more reasonably priced tickets. After all, the majority of clubs’ fanbases are still made out of the average working man and woman.


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