Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov has always been a special sort of player, and has caused mixed emotions in many. Some criticize him for his languid style of play, questioning his passion and commitment, but then few can deny that when he wants to, he can be one of the very best players on the planet. That fact was highlighted by his stunning hatrick in United’s 3-2 victory over Liverpool, a feat last achieved by Stan Pearson in 1946.

His second goal in particular is, without exaggeration, one of the greatest goals I have seen scored. An overhead-kick outside the box that smashes in the underside of the bar, leaving the goalkeeper helpless, before thumping in? You’d think something like that only exists in Playstation commercials. But United’s players have all come out to say that they are not at all surprised by Berbatov’s ability, as super-human as it may seem. The control he has over the ball is unparalleled in the Premiership.

Can this be the start of him becoming a Man United legend of the likes of Cantona? Well, if he keeps scoring such goals, I think fans will warm up to his style fairly quickly. He had a tough first season at United, but he has now changed his positioning and is finding more chances for himself. It will all depend on whether Sir Alex Ferguson can keep him producing his best. Another important factor is that he has quit his national team, so Berbatov’s sole focus should be on United.


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