The phrase “they brought them to tears” is often used in soccer within the context of one team scoring a late goal or something, but for Roma goalkeeper Julio Sergio, the tears were quite literal – and painful.

After going in for a challenge near the end of his side’s 2-1 loss to Brescia, he was forced to continue on playing, because his side were already down to 10 men. He got booked for that incident, but that was the least of his problems. The pain in his ankle was so bad, that he couldn’t stop crying throughout the last minutes of the game.

It’s a rare sight that a player in such a bad condition is forced to continue, but Claudio Ranieri’s side had little choice. They were pushing for an equalizer, and the only way Sergio could have come off was if another outfield player was sacrificed in his place, which would have reduced Roma to 9 men. The whole gamble didn’t really pay off, though, as they couldn’t get the equalizer anyway.

The reaction to Sergio’s tears seems to be split. Some, (like the makers of the video) seem to be poking a bit of fun at him, but he really does seem to be in a great deal of pain. He stuck it out there and did his job, and for me that’s what really counts. Roma could benefit with more players showing such determination (albeit with a bit less crying) to turn their season around, which at the moment is going far from good.


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