It seems like Bayern Munich are just unwilling to let the injury to their starman Arjen Robben go, and have given the Dutch FA an ultimatum to pay one million euros as compensation for their player, or face going to court with FIFA.

Their chairman Karl-Heinrz Rummenigge is majorly annoyed that Robben will not be available until early next year, and he blames that all on the Dutch allowing him to play in the World Cup final vs. Spain. While Robben finished that game and did not appear to be injured, it was later revealed the doctors maybe should have stopped him from appearing.

I find Rummenigge to be a bit ridiculous, though. Is it terrible news for their team that they will be without their star player for so long? Obviously. But that doesn’t mean they can cry to FIFA about some crazy compensations. It’s not like the Netherlands broke Robben’s leg on purpose, it was the biggest game of his career, he appeared ready to play the game, and it is just what he did. No one forced him at gunpoint either. This is not the first case of a player getting an injury because he chose to take a risk and play in a big game, and I don’t think there is anyone to blame really.

It would also be surprising if FIFA actually side with Bayern on this one, but Rummenigge has proven to be a stubborn man who will keep pressing the issue for who knows how long.


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