I’m sure everyone remembers the great Serie A scandal of 2006, where a number of teams were sanctioned for corrupting matches, and Juventus were stripped from their titles in 2005 and 2006, and sent to Serie B. The latter title was awarded to the 2nd placed team, Inter Milan, as they were one of the only top Italian clubs not to be identified by the wiretapped phone calls.

That is, until now. Juventus have handed in new phone calls to restart the investigation, and in them they claim is evidence that should have Inter stripped from the 2006 title as well. Their president, Andrea Agnelli, has claimed that Inter have “a lot to be nervous about”, and has said he is confident that that title will not be assigned to anyone either.

To be honest, I was a bit suspicious when so many big clubs were named in the investigation, and yet Inter somehow escaped all punishment and were even rewarded with a title. This is such a disgraceful period for Italian football, that awarding those titles to no one really is the right thing to do. The question remains how severe will this evidence prove to be, and can the current Champions League holders expect to face a points-deduction, or worse? It’s curious also to see what the fans will find worse – losing a title from a previous season they never really won, or being put in a difficult position to retain their championship this year?


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