Looks like Serie A has more controversy heading its way, as the player’s union has decided to strike on the September 25-26 weekend of matches, meaning that the players won’t show up to play for their clubs. The reason for this? They are incensed that the clubs that pay them their salaries and make them [...]

The recent controversy around Wayne Rooney’s private life has reached such levels that Sir Alex Ferguson was forced to leave him out of Manchester United’s visit to Everton on Saturday. It was a fiery encounter that finished in a 3-3 draw, but it would have been that must more explosive had Rooney had to face [...]

Serbian goalkeeper Vladimir Stojkovic got a nasty surprise recently when he checked out a few of his country’s sports webpages, and saw his own obituary posted there. The reason for this was his decision to join Partizan Belgrade on loan, something deemed unforgivable by fans of his former club, Red Star Belgrade. Red Star and [...]

AC Milan’s new signing, Brazilian superstar Robinho, has come up with a list of reasons why his time at Manchester City was a failure. He had many harsh words to say about his former employees, but I think they provide an interesting insight into life at such a Premiership club. Robinho has said that he [...]

French coach Laurent Blanc is pulling out all the tricks to get the public on his side, including printing out the text to the French national anthem “La Mersellaise” and making every player memorize and sing it at games. It’s an effort to improve the image of his squad, as well as bolster the team [...]

Liverpool are one of those clubs that will always (or at least for a very long time) be a legendary name in football, but their accomplishments are mostly rooted to the past. They are yet to win the Premiership, and despite a miraculous Champions League triumph last decade, they have yet to regain their status [...]

In a very strange news story, it has been reported that Portugal’s national coach Carlos Queiroz is facing a 6-month ban from football, after it was found that he “acted aggressively” against employees who were administering drug tests on his team prior to the World Cup. The incident happened during a training session and has [...]

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