This bit of news comes from outside the football field, but it may directly impact the face of the Premiership. Karen Murphy, a TV-pub owner from Portsmouth is going to the European Court of Justice to protest a ban Sky Sports have placed on showing any matches in England outside its hefty subscriptions package. Ms. Karen wanted to be allowed to purchase a subscription from a much less-expensive Greek company and show the matches in her pub to attract customers, but was not allowed. She claims that this is unfair, and that Sky Sports shouldn’t be allowed such a monopoly and the freedom to charge people in England 10 times what anyone else in Europe pays to watch matches.

This is important to football, because Sky Sports generate a huge amount of revenue for the Premier League, and should they lose this court case, that money may dry up and be redistributed elsewhere. This means less money going into clubs, smaller transfer fees and smaller wages. Some are saying that the Premiership will no longer be able to attract the top names in World football as it has these past couple of decades, and will lose its place as the top league in Europe.

Would this be a good or bad thing? Well, people with different agendas will give you opposite views, but anything to lessen spending and force clubs to focus on developing their own talents again is a good thing in my books. If that means the loss of players who would only go to England for no other reason than an astronomical paycheck, then that’s not really a tragedy.


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