After witnessing his teammate and Fulham star player Bobby Zamora break his leg due to a challenge in a game vs. Wolves, captain Danny Murphy has blasted a number of Premiership managers, saying their tactics are leading to players making reckless challenges and injuring so many others. In particular, he attacked the “Blackburns, Stokes and Wolves”, saying all they did was break-down play and litter it with such dangerous acts, and that they are ending people’s careers. This followed Newcastle player Hatem Ben Arfa also breaking his leg in a game vs. Manchester City.

Does Murphy have a point? In a way, but he also has his facts wrong. No one wants to see a serious injury where a player from any team is out for a long period of time, and players do have to make more careful challenges, but to use the old saying – “it’s part of the game”. Fitness training and health monitoring has increased drastically in football in the last couple of decades, and it’s not like players did not get heavy injuries before. Just the opposite in fact. It’s true that the “Blackburns and the Stokes” may not play the free-flowing football of Arsenal, but then they don’t have the funds to find those players. And yes, the desire to win is a good enough excuse to use the tactics that they do – at the end of the day, it’s the 3 points that matter.

This situation is more Murphy looking for someone to blame and letting his anger spill over to other teams than anything else.


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