Liverpool FC have been saved today (Wendsday) by the High Court of England, who allowed the sale of the club to go through despite the wishes of their (former) owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks. This means they will now get the money to repay the money they owe to the Royal Bank of Scotland, which otherwise would have put them into administration and cost them nine points. It would have been a scenario which would have put them in a very hard position to stay in the Premiership, something almost unthinkable for a club of their stature.

Unthinkable also for their wealthy fans around the world, with the NESV group who own the Boston Red Sox promising to pour in the money and even invest 40 million for new transfers in January. Basically, Liverpool go from an extremely depressing situation they dug themselves into, to having one of the biggest transfer chests in Europe, all with the snap of the fingers.

I am pleased for their fans, but it’s just that at the end, money has won out big time again here. If this was a smaller club that didn’t attract such investors, their relegation would have been sealed by now. But for a club like Liverpool, it seems like they are given chance after chance to get things right just because of who they are. Fair? Well, there are those who will say such a word is irrelevant in the modern game. Your either a big club, or you’re not – that’s all that matters.


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