The Serbian FA has asked UEFA to replay their abandoned Euro 2012 qualifier vs. Italy, which was stopped after only 6 minutes by the referee due to crowd trouble. The Serbian fans had been wrecking havoc through Genoa, even attacking their own team bus earlier during the day, and when they started throwing flairs on the pitch and threatening to run onto the stadium, it became clear the match could not be played.

While condemning the actions of its fans, the Serbian FA has claimed the Italians failed to properly organize the security of the match, and that’s why they want a replay. But in my personal opinion, such a request is absurd. I don’t usually agree with punishing teams for the behavior of a select few of its fans, but when it goes to such extremes, some actions have to be taken. Italy must be awarded a 3-0 win at the least, and a more severe but still justifiable punishment would be to throw Serbia out of the qualifiers all together.

There are many reasons being cited for their fans’ behavior, one of which is attacking goalkeeper Vladimir Stojkovic, who, as reported earlier, joined Partizan after playing for Red Star Belgrade. It seems that some fans are determined to not let such betrayal go unpunished, but they are harming all of Serbia this way. It’s crazy that such acts of hooliganism continue happening in this day and age in Europe, but there you go.


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