No, England and the USA will not be hosting a joint World Cup (maybe when we finally invent teleportation), but they have combined their efforts to try to make sure they get to host the competitions that they choose. For this purpose, the English have officially withdrawn their bid to host the 2022 World Cup, while the Americans have returned the favor and withdrawn from the 2018 competition.

This leaves both countries in prime positions to host these tournaments, with the only real competition coming from Russia and the joint efforts of Spain and Portugal. Given Spain’s world cup triumph this summer, the latter’s bid may actually pick up some steam, so it’s not decided yet. England have not hosted a World Cup since the only time they won it, back in 1966, and as they have some of the best stadiums in the world, it’s high time that they get the chance. And while still not being part of the mainstream, football in America has grown a lot since 1994, and it would be pretty grand to see them host another tournament.

In my opinion it’s a bit of a shame though the FIFA abandoned plans to rotate who they choose as hosts through each continent, as I think this creates a better balance. But at the end I guess having the best possible tournament is the most important thing. Some continents, like Africa and Asia, really have only 1-2 countries capable of being hosts.


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