One of the strangest news stories you’ll hear all week in any sport has to be the condition Bordeaux midfielder Yoan Gouffran has developed. The 24 year-old footballer has become allergic to grass, which has to be one of the funniest (not if you’re him of course) conditions you can develop as a footballer. After all, most football pitches, especially in France, use real grass.

His manager, Jean Tigana, admitted that such a thing is “embarrassing” for a footballer, but the good thing is that this certainly is not the end of his career. Gouffran will have to meet with an allergist in order to find the best way to treat his condition, though that will also depend on how severe the problem is. He also has luck that he developed this allergy after he became a successful footballer, as many kids who starts out will most likely quit if they get such bad fortune.

In the modern age, however, many such things are treatable. Some footballers wear special contact lenses for their eyes, other more popular accessories include Petr Cech’s black headgear, and Edgar David’s goggles. Didier Drogba was given permission to play at this summer’s World Cup finals with a plaster cast for his arm. So as long as there is some practical solution, which may even simply be stronger medication, Bordo fans don’t have to fear losing one of their more important players. One thing’s for sure though – Gouffran won’t be the kissing the ground in celebration again.


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