The headlines this past week were filled with rumors and statements from Wayne Rooney and Sir Alex Ferguson regarding the England’s striker future at Manchester United, but at the end of the day he signed a new five-year deal and will stay at the club.

Before that he had shocked all of Old Trafford by saying that he is leaving, stating a “lack of reassurance about the future quality of the squad”. That’s right. Rooney wanted to leave because he felt the likes of Evra, Vidic, Giggs, Nani, Berbatov etc. were so far beneath him that he deserved a better club. He did not believe that United were good enough to challenge for trophies in the near future.

It sounds almost absurd to type that out, but apparently that’s how highly Rooney thinks of himself. A player who had one very good season at United after Ronaldo left, and since then has been delivering decent games for his club and country on a depleting basis. It just goes to show you how much power the modern day footballer has that he can say such things and think himself so much better than any club, let alone Manchester United.

To his credit, Rooney has since apologized to his manager, teammates and fans, which is still more than what others would do. Weather that will be enough to put all bad feelings aside is questionable, but the power structure in football needs to change, that much is clear.


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