In a rather direct follow-up to the Rooney story, the reason for the striker’s U-turn on his decision to stay at United most certainly looks to have been the news that United have been given £100 million (yes, British pounds) to spend over the next year. This is the most money Sir Alex has ever been given, and it shows that the club’s protesting supporters may just have to tone it down a bit now.

The Glazer family that owns United have sometimes been compared to Hicks and Gilett that led Liverpool to their current situation, but this news should set things straight I think. 100 million puts United right back in contention with Man City and Chelsea for having the most transfer power, and just in time too, as they’ll have to replace their aging stars in Giggs, Scholes, Neville and Van der Sar too.

It’s rather conflicting news, given the debt that United are in already, which is why some of its supporters have been protesting the Glazers. But unless something is seriously amiss here, promising so much money just on transfers should indicate that they have things under control. Weather they expect Ferguson to spend every last penny is doubtful, but Rooney at least has been promised that a lot of that money will be used.

Now the question is how far behind Chelsea will they be before the January transfer market opens…


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