As we saw in the past week how much power modern footballers have, it’s nice to see them using it in a positive way every once in a while. Rising Argentinean superstar Javier Pastore , who plays for Serie A side Palermo, has rejected interest from the top European clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, saying that he’s found his “perfect place” and sees no reason to leave.

Most other players would cite “personal ambition” and a need for trophies as their reason for leaving for those big teams, but Palermo have said that not even 60 million euros would be enough for their young star. Pastore has agreed with that, citing that he has the “environment to grow here and the experiences players to help me.”

It has almost become a distant dream for a middle-of the-road club to get to hold on to its star players when the richer clubs come knocking, but Palermo have managed that, and were rewarded with an excellent 5th-placed finish in he Serie A last year, just missing out on the Champions League. They are also doing pretty well in the Europa League this season, and are looking to aim even higher.

The only thing extra they can hope for now is that these promises don’t suddenly change when January comes along. It has certainly happened before in the past. It’s up to Pastore to keep his word.


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