In a move rarely undertaken in modern football, Serie A side Sampodria look set to terminate the contract of one of their star players, Antonio Cassano, thus forsaking the money they could have gotten for him by selling him in January. So grave is the situation between the club and the player, that it now seems hard to reverse.

Apparently, all this started when Cassano refused to go to an awards presentation, which is said to have insulted the president of Sampodria. Cassano was told to hand in a written apology, but refused, and no talks between the club and the player have since been enough to amend the situation. Rumors are Cassano stayed at home to take care of his pregnant wife, which would be an entirely understandable excuse. And yet, president Garrone does not want to let this go, and Cassano has been frozen out of the squad, awaiting his contract terminated.

Surely there must be something else going on behind the scenes. Otherwise, it would be absurd to fire anyone, let alone your star player, because he missed a ceremony to take care of his wife. Tempers can get out of control, but it’d be hard to believe the club have so little regard for their own players that they would act in this way.

In any case, if/when Cassano does end up leaving the club, many of Europe’s top teams will be more than happy to take him in board.


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