After witnessing his teammate and Fulham star player Bobby Zamora break his leg due to a challenge in a game vs. Wolves, captain Danny Murphy has blasted a number of Premiership managers, saying their tactics are leading to players making reckless challenges and injuring so many others. In particular, he attacked the “Blackburns, Stokes and [...]

People often joke about teams playing too defensively and playing with “no real striker”, but that is just what Scotland did in their away game against the Czech Republic in the latest Euro 2012 qualifiers. Their manager, Craig Levein, defended his selection, even though they lost 1-0, but it did in fact include 6 defenders, [...]

With the way modern football is today, it’s always nice to read such stories. Reports say that AC Milan forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic has given a trial at the Italian giants to the son of a builder working on his house in Sweden, after the 16 year-old kid impressed him in a kick-about. Erik Kristjansson is [...]

Sven-Goran Eriksson has produced a shocker by taking charge of Championship side Leicester City, though others will say it’s just another chapter in his widely exotic career. One can think of few other managers who have changed such drastic environments as the former England boss. He had a moderately successful time as England coach, and [...]

Some managers seem to have their “special” sort of player whose qualities only they seem to be able to understand, while the rest of the fan base questions what on Earth they are doing picking them. For England coach Fabio Capello, that man has to be Emile Heskey. After the World Cup, the Aston Villa [...]

This bit of news comes from outside the football field, but it may directly impact the face of the Premiership. Karen Murphy, a TV-pub owner from Portsmouth is going to the European Court of Justice to protest a ban Sky Sports have placed on showing any matches in England outside its hefty subscriptions package. Ms. [...]

It has long been an obvious situation, but Manchester City have announced a staggering £121m loss in profits for the last year. And this number is not just the money they have spent on buying new players – the wages they pay their players alone exceeds their profits (turnover). In terms of buying new ones, [...]

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