Something tells me the Dutch Football Federation aren’t big fans of vampire movies. This is based on the news that they have decided to ban Ajax striker Luis Suarez for no less than seven league games, putting him out of action until February 4th. As a reminder, Suarez bit an opponent, Otman Bakkal, in a […]

You sometimes see managers getting quite frustrated during matches, sometimes they kick a water bottle or curse at the air (or the referee), but what CFR Cluj coach Sorin Cartu did in their 1-0 loss away to Basel was quite remarkable. He lost his cool and kicked the side of the perspex glass shelter, shattering […]

Here’s something that I really find crazy about UEFA, and the governing body of football in general. They apparently can do nothing about players diving, wasting time in a match, acting unprofessionally; they can do nothing about referees failing to see obvious goals, penalties, or getting offside decisions totally incorrect; but if someone deliberately gets […]

watch?v=QraeuwUl6bs&feature=player_embedded Perhaps you are wondering if the title means Ajax striker Luis Suarez will be starring in the next Hollywood vampire flick, but no. He openly bit an opponent during a match between his club Ajax and PSV in the Dutch league. You can see the incident clearly in the video, where after a heated […]

It’s not often that a club manager may feel a bit low when his side achieve a historical 8-0 away victory, such as what Barcelona did in their match against Almeria over the weekend, but that was the reality for Pep Guardiola. The reason for this is that Juan Manuel Lillo was fired from his […]

Tensions in Scotland have reached boiling point after the Dougie McDonald scandal, who admitted to lying about his decision to over-turn a penalty decision in the game between Dundee United and Celtic. Such an admittance was bound to create a lot of controversy for all referees in the league, and since then they have faced […]

As a Rovers fan, I knew that this was a long time coming, as rumors of a takeover had started as early as August, but now the deal has officially been announced. Indian company Venkys are the new owners of Blackburn Rovers, and are promising to bring the club forward into a new era. So […]

While the proposed Serie A strike at the beginning of this season was canceled, Italy’s clubs and the player’s association (AIC) are still at each other’s throats. If a new contract between the two is not reached by November 30th, the players are promising they really will make good on their threats and protest a […]

watch?v=HaE4d3nAL0g&feature=player_embedded Some fans of AC Milan forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic may not know that his skills extend beyond the football field into martial arts, but the Swedish starman has a black belt in taekwondo. He has been working on this accomplishment for years, and is well-renown amongst him teammates as the man not to mess with. […]

Here’s a statistics table that will truly befuddle Danny Murphy: Arsenal, the side most-often associated with “beautiful, free-flowing football” are currently at the very bottom of the disciplinary league in the Premiership, with 4 red cards and 25 yellow ones. Only two places above them are West Brom, another side hailed for their football by […]

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