Tensions are still running high after Manchester United’s controversial 2-0 victory over Tottenham on Saturday, where Nani scored the second goal after using his hand. It was an incident the referee missed, and Redknapp described the goal as a “farce”. The FA, who do not allow strong words against their referees, are set to punish him for his comments, but Redknapp has said he will be having none of that. He has threatened to stop all interviews of his on tv, and seems determined to stick to his position. Which, of course, will only earn him further punishments.

It goes back to the old debate – when is enough enough? Like him or not, Redknapp has every right to be angry, and calling a goal that came thanks to a handball sounds like the proper reason to use such a word. He did not personally insult the referee or anything of the sort. The FA don’t really apply practical logic to these punishments, but all this bickering back and forth won’t change much. Punishing managers for their honest comments has never stopped others from giving their opinion, and it doesn’t contribute to anything helpful for the referees. A novice manager may watch his words, but the old ones like Ferguson and Redknapp won’t be stopped so easily.

All this isn’t helped by Platini’s constant comments warning against modern technology in football either.


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