One of the most legendary names in football management, Sir Alex Ferguson, has compared the World Cup to “going to the dentist”, and has claimed that the Champions League is the must stronger competition with much more exciting matches. Easy to say some would say, as his Manchester United are in the CL every season, but in all fairness, he has a point.

He went as fair as to say that the last six World Cups have been poor showing, which may be a bit much, but objectively speaking the Champions League has been stronger for a while now. Players play more freely, teams are not afraid to challenge the top dogs, you get incredible goals and amazing games where anything could happen. Take for example Tuesday’s game between Rubin Kazan and Panathinaikos. It finished in a 0-0 draw, but the level of football and the number of chances were greater than most of the matches at this year’s World Cup. Not to mention Tottenham beating cup-holders Inter 3-1. At the WC, you only get surprise results when the favorites play abysmally bad.

Experts can give different reasons for why that is, and the World Cup will continue being viewed as the biggest football competition, but objectively it has fallen far behind the Champions League in terms of the quality and excitement of the games. Sir Alex sometimes says some crazy things, but he’s spot-on on this one.


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