Sometimes you have to wonder weather some players are just cursed by the footballing Gods, and that’s that. Owen Hargreaves had been missing from the Manchester United line-up since September, after battling a long-term knee injury, and today in their match vs. Wolves he finally returned. His comeback had been in the news for a while, and fans had been anticipating to see the former English star in action, but niggling injuries always delayed his return. Today he finally started a game for United…but limped out after 6 minutes with a hamstring injury.

The good news for him is that it is not a knee injury again, so if things go well he should be healed in a few weeks, but this has to be a huge blow for him. It’s not just the physical preparation that’s at stake here, mentally this has to be even worse. To wait 2 years for a return, and to have it end so suddenly and unexpectedly can bring down even the toughest of individuals. The difference between a good footballer player and someone who can kick a ball moderately well is often the mental determination, and Hargreaves will have to dig deep again in other regain his momentum.

One can only wish him well, but by now it would be a hue achievement to see him last 90 minutes in a first team-match, let alone see him regain his form and challenge for a place in the national side again.


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