I am not quite sure if there has ever been a more intense race to host the World Cup than the current 2018 bid, but England and Russia are at each others throats like never before. After a string of unpleasant remarks, England decided to shake hands with the Russians, but now they are facing a more internal battle. BBC Panorama have apparently contacted FIFA and told them they are ready to present “shocking new revelations” that would delegitimize England’s campaign to host either the 2018 or 2022 World Cup.

The fact that this is an English organization that is doing this makes it even more curious, and maybe FIFA will pay more attention to them. An independent panel is set to analyze these new findings, but for now most of this is just speculation and mystery. But what could be in this report that would shock FIFA and the world footballing body so much? Bribes, corruptions, unsafe stadiums…there are many possibilities, but nothing concrete so far.

As for why a British organization would be doing this to its own bid – well, that’s probably even more unanswerable. Suffice to say, not everyone in the country has the same interests, and the FA getting such a huge victory as securing the World Cup in England doesn’t sit well with everyone.

Regardless of how serious this report turns out to be, some FA members have admitted that all this controversy has already damaged their chances quite a bit.


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