Arguably Manchester City’s most important player, Carlos Tevez, is said to be visting a psychiatrist to help him battle homesickness. This is nothing new, as Tevez has repeatedly expressed how much he misses his home in Argentina, but there have been different reports regarding how bad his condition is. Some went as far as to suggest he’s ready to quit the club and football in general in the summer, which would indeed be quite shocking.

I do not believe it will go that far, though, the fact that he is seeking help and going to a professional is proof that he’s trying to overcome his condition. He visited this doctor while he was receiving treatment for his knee back home, which has kept him out of action for three weeks. As he is such a vital aspect of City’s game, they will hope he can put both his psychical and emotional problems behind. At 26 years of age, it would be an incredibly sad thing if such a talent can’t continue on with his game. (as long as you don’t ask United fans of course)

It serves as a reminder that footballers are not confined to a world of constant training and playing, where they can think of little else. In a much more severe case, it’d be good to remember the former German international and Hannover keeper Robert Enke who took his own life last year after failing to overcome his depression.


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